Beekeeping 101 Workshop

Beekeeping 101 Workshop
Sponsored by the Knights of the Golden Trail and Marvin's Organic Gardens

Saturday, May 25  11am-1pm @ The Loveland Castle
12025 Shore Rd, Loveland, Ohio

Cost:  $3 Includes admission to the Castle 

Curious about bees?  This in-depth tutorial is perfect for you if you are considering raising bees in your backyard, farm or castle.   We will introduce the basics of beekeeping including the animal itself, the house, and the benefits/ necessities of the Honey Bee.  Also, you will learn about the commerce of beekeeping, including local apiary services, resources, and supplies, as well as medicinal & edible products like honey, propolis, wax, royal jelly....YUM!

*A live hive will be installed during this workshop, so please consider this if you are allergic to bees.  We will also be outdoors.

A word about our very skillful bee expert: 
Jeff Harris, Deputy Apiary Inspector

Jeff attended U.C. Biological studies and was recruited as an apiary field inspector in 2004.  He currently works for the Endemology Dept., under the State of Ohio's Endemologist, Barb Bloetscher.  He has worked with recent projects such as Emerald Ash Borer program and a grant program involved with environmental pesticide poisons relating to the Honey Bee.  He helps manage, with the cooperation of the beekeepers, the honey bee stock in Southern Ohio.  This consists of  +/- 500 sites or 1000-2000 colonies. 
Please RSVP by Thursday, May 23.  Contact Diantha: (513) 675-1435 or 

For Castle Questions contact the Loveland Castle: (513) 683-4686